Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya

Estd : 1985. Affiliated to Bankura University

NAAC Accredited College 'B+'

Best Practices – Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya

Best Practices

Best Practices

  • Best Practices 2019-2020
  • Best Practice 1


    • Title of the Practice: “Roof top Rain water harvesting and Ground water Recharge management”

    • Objective of our practice: In our college surrounding area has very poor or low ground water table. And
    this area is very drought prone. Intake capacity is not good.

    • The Context: We will want to take grow up of local people and take censuses of rain water utilization.

    • The Practice: we use rooftop rain water harvesting that water use for gardening ground water recharge
    system. In our college have two big Rain water harvest storages. Rainy time collect the roof top rain and
    that rain water use for gardening and ground recharge management.

    • Evidence of Success: Ground water improves in our surrounding area.

    • Problems Encountered and Resources Required: Mainly not sufficient area in our college to collect store the
    rain water for future use. Funding problem for other utilization of rain water. Ex:- use in toilet ect.


    Best Practice 2

    • Title of the Practice: “Solar Power use in our college”

    • Objective of our practice: Solar power is an eco-friendly and renewable power system. It is very useful and
    sustainable substitute of our present electricity energy system. To use this as an alternative of
    Electricity consumption is our motto.

    • The Context: So we just follow that motto and use solar power and use Led light in full college. Solar
    power is an eco-friendly and renewable power system. This process saves our normal electric consumption and
    electricity bill also.

    • The Practice: We use maximum energy in college from solar current. Use Led light for proper electric
    utilization. Solar panels are set in our roof top of the college building.

    • Evidence of Success: It saves the normal electric consumption and also the electric bill of our college.

    • Problems Encountered and Resources Required: Funding problem for other solar energy equipment and utensils
    for total green energy use program project.