Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya
Affiliated to Bankura University

Course Outcome


Year of Establishment: Pass- 2007, Honours- 2010

Name of Programmes/Courses offered: UG (General and Honours)

Faculty profile:

SL Name Designation Contact No Image
1 Prof. Sumit sen Modak SACT 8637362803 View Profile
2 Prof. Pavel Sarkar SACT 9832146225 View Profile
3 Prof. Moumita Garai SACT, Guest Lecturer 8637895592 / 9732439322 View Profile

Left on March, 2016.

Qualification of teaching faculty with D.Sc./ D.Litt./Ph.D./M.Phil./PG.: M.Phil.-1, PG.-4

Number of faculty with ongoing project from National and International funding agencies and grants received :

i)Mr. Pavel Sarkar worked as Project Assistant in the DST sponsored Govt. of West Bengal project titled “Development of G.I.S based information system for Respiratory Health Mapping of the BidiBinders of block I and II of District Bankura, West Bengal ” for two years (2010-2012) under Dr. Jayati Das.(Shri Shikshayatan College, Kolkata.
Departmental projects funded by DST-FIST; UGC, DBT, ICSSR, etc. and total grants received: No

Research Centre/ facility recognized by the University: NA

Publications (2010-2016):

Name of faculty Mrs. Munmun Banerjee Assistant Prof. Mr. Amio Maji Guest Faculty Mr. Pavel Sarkar Guest Faculty Ms. Moumita Gorai,Guest Faculty Mr. Prasanta Karmakar
Guest Faculty
Number of paper published in peer reviewed international journals
Number of paper published in peer reviewed national journals with ISSN number 01 01*
Chapter in Books
Books with ISBN/ISSN number with details of publishers.
Paper presentation in national/international seminars 01 01*
Abstracts 01
Seminar attended both State/National/International 01

*Same paper published and presented

Details of Paper/Book published and presented and the abstracts
Papers published by Mrs. Munmun Banerjee
i) “Spatio –Temporal changes of Land use and Land Cover in East Kolkata Wetland”, Humanities and Social Science Studies Journal, volume 1, No 1, Pages 54-62, December 2012
ii) Abstract of the Paper “Environmental Changes in the East Kolkata Wetlands, West Bengal” was accepted by International Geographical Congress 2012 in Cologne, Germany.

Paper published by Mr. Pavel Sarkar
i)A Paper titled, “Impact of social environment of rural health: A case study of the Beedi workers of Block I and II, Bankura District, West Bengal” in2011, under UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Geography, organized by Department of Geography, Bankura Christian College.

Papers presented in State/National/International Seminar:
Papers presented in National Seminar by Mrs. Munmun Banerjee
i)Decadal Land use Land Cover assessment of an Urban Wetland: A case study of East Kolkata Wetland, West Bengal” in2011, under UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Geography, organized by Department of Geography, Bankura Christian College.

Papers presented in State/National/International Seminar by Mr. Pavel Sarkar
i)A Paper titled, “Impact of social environment of rural health: A case study of the Beedi workers of Block I and II, Bankura District, West Bengal” in2011, under UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Emerging Trends in Geography, organized by Department of Geography, Bankura Christian College.


Other Courses
Mrs Munmun Banerjee had done

  1. Orientation Programme under UGC-ASC-JNU- 2013
  2. Refresher Course under UGC-ASC-JNU- 2015
  3. Workshop on Youth Parliament- 2011
  4. Workshop on Youth Parliament 2015
  5. Workshop on NSS officers meet- 2014
  6. Workshop on software training in Geography Honours-2015
  7. Training programme of NSS under BU- 2015
  8. Prasanta Karmakar has

Participated in a National Level Workshop on Open Source GIS Software(QGIS), organized by Department of Geography TDB College Ranigang in collaboration with Kazinazrul University from 16th to 22nd February, 2016

Areas of consultancy and income generated:No

Faculty as members in National Committees ,International Committees and Editorial Boards: Yes

Yes, as Associate Editors of Humanities and Social Science Studies (A quarterly interdisciplinary journal, ISSN: 2319-829X)

Students projects:
a) Percentage of students who have done in-house projects including inter departmental/ programme:
Projects, as such field visit and submission of report is the part of curriculum for the Part III Honours Course and Part II General Course. All the students perform it every year.

  • A field tour to Susunia, Bankura on 2011. (100%)
  • A field tour to Bikhna, Bankura on 2012.(100%)
  • A field tour to Banshi Mauza on 2013. (100%)
  • A field tours to Hadla, near Maithon Dam, the place under Burdwan, West Bengal on 2014. (100%)
  • A Field tour to Kulbona, Gangajalghati,2015 (100%)
  • A field tour to Ran Bahal in Bankura, West Bengal, 2015(100%)

b) Percentage of students placed for projects in organizations outside the institution i.e. in Research laboratories/ Industry/other agencies:
Not a part of curriculum of the affiliating University, BU.

Awards/Recognitions received by faculty and students:

  • Mrs. Munmun Banerjee, awarded gold medal for standing First in Master of Science Examination in Geography in the year 2007 from Banaras Hindu University.
  • Won the title honour of Bangayogasree by securing the 1st prize (1998)
  • Won the title honour of Banga Yoga Kumari by securing the 1st prize(1996)

List of eminent academicians and scientists/ visitors to the department No

Seminars/ Conference/ Workshops organized and the source of funding National and International : No

Student profile programme/course wise :

Name of the Course/programme 2016-2017
Application received Selected Enrolled
*M *F
B.A. 1st year General
390 21






B.A. 2nd year General








B.A. 3rd year General








*M= Male F= Female


Pass Percentage (Part III) 2013 2014 2015 2016
Male 0%*(only two examinee and none of them qualified) 100% 33.3% 30%
Female 50% 0%*(no female examinee) 0%*(only two examinee and none of them qualified) 50%
Total 33.3% 100% 20% 37.5%


Diversity of Students:

Name of the Course % of students from the same state % of students from the other states % of students from abroad
B.A. (General) 100 Nil Nil
B.A. (Honours) 100 Nil Nil

How many students have cleared national and state competitive examinations such as NET, SLET, GATE, Civil Services, Defense Services, etc.There is no mechanism to know the exact number of such students but a few of them have qualified the NET/ SLET exam.

Student progression (UG to PG to M.Phil to Ph.D. to Post Doctoral, Campus selection/ Entrepreneurship/ Self-employment):There is no mechanism to track the students. There is no campus recruitment facility.

Details of Infrastructural facilities
a) Library: College Library, Departmental Library>
b) Internet facilities for Staff and Students: Common access for all users
c) Class rooms with ICT facility: Common with other departments
d) Laboratories: Yes

Number of students receiving financial assistance from college, university, government or other agencies: All the eligible SC, ST students receives stipend and Kanyashree for the girls. There is a system of full fee and half fee, common to all departments.

Details on student enrichment programmes (special lectures/ workshop/ seminar) with external experts: Yes( not with experts)

  • Lectures on the Socio economic aspect of the Dokra Workers of the Bikna, Bankura.
  • Lectures on Environment related aspect
  • Lectures on Habit of safe drinking Water
  • Lectures on Conservation of Water
  • Lectures on awareness about the post Earthquake management strategies
  • Encourage students to create relevant Wall Magazine for the department, the name of which is “ The Geographical”.

Teaching methods adopted to improve student learning:

  • Group discussion among students
  • Question and answering
  • Students are asked to write broad question and asked to use the internet for extra information
  • Take quiz
  • Twice a week, ask any students to prepare a topic and give a presentation in the class.
  • Field visit are organized every year.
  • The students are encouraged to take weekly test.
  • Practical session is taken.

Participation in Institutional Social Responsibility (ISR) and extension activities:

  • Specially to pay attention for students’ participation in different co-curricular activities which are organized by college i.e. drama, debate, different festivals, sports and games, awareness programme. Students participate in NSS, conducted by our college and they are the members of the Red Ribbon Club of our college.
  • Provide students awareness programme in World Environment, Safe drinking water, Conservation of nature etc.

SWOC analysis of the department and Future plans:

  • Good relation among the students and teacher.
  • Cooperative attitude among the students are admirable.
  • Understanding between the teachers is satisfactory.


  • Shortage of teaching staff
  • Journals and reference books
  • No laboratory assistant.
  • No Computer laboratory for teaching RS and GIS software, only one in the department


  • Separate classroom for Honours courses are available


  • Give quality based education for all students.
  • To meet up linguistic problems (both oral and written) of the students
  • Due to shortage of staff, very hard to manage and give individual attention to the students

Future Plans:

  • To organize a National seminar on Biodiversity.
  • Publication of Departmental Journal.
  • To have a smart class room facility for the students with departmental projectors.
  • To organize a workshop on Remote Sensing and GIS.
  • To do a minor research project., Climate Variability of Bankura.
  • To create a fully equipped computer laboratory for Remote Sensing and GIS