Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya

Estd : 1985. Affiliated to Bankura University

NAAC Accredited College 'B+'

Grivance Redresal – Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya

Grivance Redresal

Grivance Redresal

The Grievance Redressal Cell at Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalayais steadfast in its commitment to the expeditious and judicious resolution of student grievances. The cell empowers students to voice their academic and non-academic concerns through digital mediums or the physical grievance/suggestion repository on campus. The college pledges to address and settle student concerns with alacrity and diligence.

Our Mandates:

  • Resolution of Issues:
  • The cell’s foremost mandate is to resolve any grievances or disputes brought forth by members of the institution.

  • Platform for Expression:
  • It provides a conduit for students to articulate their issues, ensuring effective redressal actions are undertaken.

  • Promotion of Equity:
  • The cell is dedicated to maintaining an equitable and transparent resolution process, guaranteeing equitable treatment for all involved.

  • Enhancement of Dialogue:
  • It acts as a mediator, fostering open communication among students, educators, administrative staff, and relevant parties, thereby facilitating the swift resolution of matters.

  • Progressive Development:
  • The cell is vigilant in recognizing patterns in grievances, instituting preventative strategies, and refining procedures to pre-empt future issues, thereby advancing the institution’s academic framework.

    1 Dr. Tushar Kanti Halder Chiarperson (Principal) 9836152896
    2 Mrs. Runu Ghosh Convener 8617562707
    3 Mrs. Sarbani Bera Members 7439702400
    4 Mr. Sourav Dey 9933659603
    5 Mrs. Moumita Garai 9732439322
    6 Mrs. Satabdi Roy 9475836822
    7 Mr. Pavel Sarkar 9832146225
    8 Mrs. Bristi Mandal 8371017782
    9 Mrs. Suprava Dey Kundu 8250577821

    As we focus on continuous improvement and to offer the best ambience to the students community, the grievance redressal committee meets as and when any grievance is raised and attempts to resolve the problem at the earliest possible time frame. All such grievances and resolutions are properly documented