Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya

Estd : 1985. Affiliated to Bankura University

NAAC Accredited College 'B+'

Anti-Ragging – Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya



Ragging is strictly prohibited in the campus as per UGC Mandate (DO NO: F.1-15/2009 (ARC) Pt. III)

Anti-Ragging toll free “helpline” 1800-180-5522

Originating within the confines of military academies, ragging has cast a dark shadow over countless young talents in both public and private higher educational institutions. The Honourable Supreme Court, the University Grants Commission (UGC), and the Government of West Bengal have issued stringent guidelines to eradicate this menace from all HEIs.

Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya, in alignment with the UGC’s directives, has established a robust anti-ragging cell that unwaveringly upholds a zero-tolerance stance. The fight for a ragging-free campus rages on, fuelled by unwavering determination.

Procedures Enacted:

Strategic Signage:

Hoardings and banners strategically placed at key locations within the college premises and on the official website serve as constant reminders of the anti-ragging campaign.

Awareness Campaigns:

A widespread dissemination of information about ragging and its dire consequences ensures that every member of the college community is well-informed.

Creative Expression:

Students actively participate in poster competitions and slogan writing contests cantered around the theme of eradicating ragging. Their creations adorn the college walls, amplifying the message.

Artistic Endeavours:

Dramatic performances and debates are organized, shedding light on the menace of ragging and fostering dialogue among students.

Vigilance and Swift Action:

The anti-ragging cell maintains close vigilance, promptly addressing any complaints related to ragging.

Mandatory Commitment:

At the time of admission, students sign an anti-ragging mandate in accordance with UGC norms, reaffirming their commitment to a safe and inclusive environment.

Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalayaremains steadfast in its dedication to fostering an educational ecosystem where every individual thrives without fear or prejudice.

Committee Members

1 Dr.Tushar Kanti Halder Chairperson (Principal) 9836152896
2 Mrs.Sweety Roy Rajguru Convener 9474544693
3 Mr.Parimal Saren


4 Dr.Sathi Mukherjee 9434114751
5 Mrs.Sarbani Bera 7439702400
6 Mrs.Satabdi Roy 9475836822
7 Mr.Pavel Sarkar 9832146225
8 Mr.Sanatan Sahoo 8617487279

The documents have been taken from UGC & Ministry of Home affairs of Govt. of India