Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya

Estd : 1985. Affiliated to Bankura University

NAAC Accredited College 'B+'

NSS – Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya



    • The College has an active NSS Male and Female Unit with two teachers as conveners to expedite social awareness programmes and also to outreach to the people of the adopted villages to extend their warm support and fellow feelings.
    • There is a NSS Advisory Committee of the College. It is composed of the Principal/Teacher-in -Charge as President, two faculty members as Programme officer, one Senior faculty member, Teachers’ Council Secretary, ex-officio is general Secretary of Students’ Union Council, student volunteers as members for the NSS extension activities. Meeting is held periodically to chalk out the activities for social upliftment.
    • The College has a Red Ribbon Club under the NSS unit. The club works in generating awareness both within and outside the campus about HIV/AIDS and its precautions.
    • The College has Karate Units for boys and girls.


    The participatory programmes in NSS extension activities of the College for the last four years are listed below:

     Jan 2012

    7 days special camp:

    1. 2 days for cleaning the campus.
    2. 1 day visit to the adopted villages- Goramara and Bhairabpur for purpose of cleaning.
    3. I day programme on Blood Donation Camp
    4. I day session on child health specially girls for creating awareness on health issues.
    5. A session on the importance of kidney.

    2012(April, May, June)

    April – A session on autism and its effects on children, planting saplings, celebrating Earth Day.

    May – Lectures on the hazardous effects of tobacco and to promote tobacco free areas.

    June — Celebrate the World Environment Day.

    2012(July, August, September)

    July-       A visit to the adopted villages and making the villagers concern about the conservation of nature.

    August-To be a part of immunization schedule of the Govt. Of India and provide voluntary support.

    September-   A session on literacy and distribution of books among the children of the villages.

    2013(Jan, Feb, March)

    7 days special camp:

    1. Cleaning the area in and around the campus.
    2. Visiting the adopted villages with cleaning and hygiene drive
    3. Conducting Blood Donation Camp
    4. Conducting practice of yoga by students


    2013(April, May, June)

    April-  A session to celebrate Earth Day by planting trees.

    May-   A session of socio-economic awareness on the Dokra Art of Bankura.

    June-   A session on environment and ways to preserve it.

    2013 (October, November, December)

    October – Deliver lecture on the problems of aging population.

    November – To visit and clean the surrounding areas of the adopted villages

    December -To observe The World AIDS Day and to make the students aware of this disease and help the victims suffering from this.



    7 days Special Camp:

    a)2 days cleaning the campus

    1. b) 1 day for cleaning the adopted villages
    2. c) 1 day for conducting Blood Donation Camp
    3. d) To arrange a session on Karate
    4. e) A session on safe drinking water
    5. f) A session on promoting awareness on Information Technology.

    2014 – (April, May, June)

    April – Celebrate Earth Day by planting saplings.

    May – A free medical checkup arranged by the college authorities.

    June – Celebrate the World Environment Day

    2014(July, August, September)

    July – A session on the socio-economic conditions of the students and the problems they face

    August – Deliver lecture on Independence Day and distribute old books to children of the adopted villages.

    September – A session on Yoga and Karate.

    2015(Jan, Feb, March)

    Jan-   Cleaning the departments and all the rooms of the college.

    Feb-   A session on Blood Donation

    Feb-  To visit the adopted villages and provide bleaching near the drainage system and advice them not to store water in the open.

    March-  A session on recent climate changes and its impact on the surroundings.

    2015(April, May, June)

    April – Cleaning the campus

    May –     Blood Donation programme

    June –    A rally to be organized for creating awareness against encephalitis.

    2015( July, August, September)

    July-     A session on the safety measures for women

    August-       Clean the drainage system of the adopted villages.

    September-  A session on self development of the students.