Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya

Estd : 1985. Affiliated to Bankura University

NAAC Accredited College 'B+'

Principal’s Desk – Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya

Principal’s Desk

Principal’s Desk

Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya has been constantly fostering the growth of young talents at their most vulnerable ages, empowering them with the opportunities to reach the pinnacle of their careers.

Located in a remote area, the college recognizes the need for holistic development of human beings who are pragmatic, humble, highly empathetic to their fellow beings and capable of transcending the boundaries of ‘narrow domestic walls’, ‘dreary desert sand of dead habit’ – as Tagore envisioned in his epoch-making poem “Where the Mind Is Without Fear”.

While focusing on the inclusive development of the students irrespective of caste, creed, gender, etc., the college emphasizes on creating a synergy between academic and social life. As the college has got a high number of underprivileged students, the challenge is to instill in them the spirit to fight for survival in the smiling yet ruthless world of today.

Gobinda Prasad Mahavidyalaya boasts of bounty of facilities like NSS, Extension activities, Society interaction besides a set of hand-picked faculty members. The college has grown its infrastructural dimension commensurate with its curricular and academic dimension over the decades. The highly innovative programme to bring the school children to the college in order to encourage their participation in higher education has burnished the college’s credentials as an astute leader of the society.

The college is delighted to watch the coexistence of the spirit of the assortment of various classes, minorities, SC/ST/OBC–all needs are addressed holistically with equality and efficacy. The cumulative effort of the highly active ICC, Women Cell, Anti-Ragging Cell and others have created an ideal learning Environment on the campus.

Our aim is to inculcate discipline, commitment, and profound confidence in our students. These qualities empower them to face the thick and thin phases of life with unwavering determination, thereby emancipating themselves and the community as a whole. As most of our students hail from financially and socially disadvantaged backgrounds, our college always stands by them like a supportive pillar, enabling them to envision the rays of a brighter future.

As the Principal of this college, I must extend my heartfelt gratitude to all the stakeholders who have made our dreams come true. We aim to be a gateway, especially for rural students, helping them stay focused and empowering them to emerge triumphant.